There’s loads of experiences a woman in Nairobi could classify as unpleasant. While a few more unique ones can be classified as downright awful. And I went through one of them last Friday. See for most Nairobi women when it comes to the worst of the worst, it ranges from getting your hair stuck somewhere,... Continue Reading →



Hmmm, it’s been a while. So, what’s happened? My country is up for a presidential re-election. DJ Mo almost broke the internet after revealing that he had subjected his wife to 5 tests before deciding to marry her. Lewis Hamilton won the Singapore Grand Prix after we, his ride or die fans, prayed and performed... Continue Reading →

The Bright Side of my World

WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE The world we live in is a crazy fucked up place where anyone fed up with all the vitriol wishes they could pack up and move to the sun. But it’s still our world. And there is a lot happening. Here at home, after the recently concluded elections, protests broke out in... Continue Reading →


The other day I was attempting to clean out my writing material (bunch of papers and booklets I have to reluctantly discard because my cat thinks they can be an occasional litterbox) and I came across something interesting. Well, interesting is a gross over exaggeration. I found my high school diaries. As the tough, zero... Continue Reading →


So I just turned 24. Woo bloody hoo. Birthdays are an odd occasion. They are a reason to celebrate for most but for me they are a reminder that I have gained yet another year without buying myself a smashing pair of Manolo Blahnik strappy sandals. It’s another year without a Mercedes AMG GT. It’s... Continue Reading →

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