I am well on my way to realizing the Kenyan Dream a la Pedestrian. I recently got a job. Makofi kwangu. While it may not be my dream job, it is a step forward in the right direction: PAYDAYS.


They say the only guarantees in life are taxes and death. They should also add wages. How else are we supposed to pay taxes?

Anyway, along with pay day comes with the various “celebrations” of that well-earned stipend. We can all recall how we spent our first cheques. I used mine to buy a can of whipped cream and Choco chip muffins from the Einnsvalley bakery (the Nakumatt one). A friend of mine drank it all after clearing the rent and settling debts. Another donated hers to the children’s home she volunteers at. An acquaintance mentioned that he doesn’t recall where his first pay disappeared to. He only remembers a very disgruntled ex-girlfriend and an alarming number of empty beer bottles in his house.

I guess we all have our ways in squandering the first wages. When you have no obligations, ruinations or debts you are most definitely allowed to have a little fun. One of these ways is the eternally fulfilling crucible of gastric entertainment: junk food. It is one of the most gratifying experiences your tongue could ever live for. I happen to be an expert, a connoisseur, if you will. Hamburgers, subs, fried chicken, oh my…

When you want to pleasantly clog your arteries, gently increase the level of your cholesterol and happily watch out for that extra stretch mark, Nairobi is your smorgasbord. From gourmet burgers and world class fried chicken to renowned subways or tongue melting ice creams our fair city has the restaurants in spades. It is basically a cornucopia of fast food joints. Americans would be highly satisfied here.

I know these places like the back of my hand. From their prices, their menus and their delivery numbers. I have seasons for them too depending on the depths of my wallet. Just after payday there is always Subway and Steers. In the middle of the month, there is Chicken Inn. Just before payday it’s down to Altona’s.

However, I am certain most city dwellers are not as penny happy as I am. One of these establishments would be enough for them in a month. So I am here to gush about my favourite: Subway.

It is a delicatessen that sings to my heart and calls to my tummy. My future personal motto will be a sub a day will keep a smile on me all day. I can’t quite afford that yet and I wouldn’t want to risk getting bored with subs anyway. But I digress, Subway is an American establishment that specializes in making submarine sandwiches. They have fresh Logo Subwayingredients and freshly baked bread. Seriously, the oven is right behind their counter.

There are at least four branches: Junction Mall, Timau Plaza opposite Yaya, West Gate Mall and along Kenyatta Avenue right next to Cameo. The submarine sandwiches range from 300 to 800 Kshs based on the sizes. They are divided into various categories and you select whether you want a 6 inch or a foot long sub. They serve them with sodas, fresh juice, tea, coffee, crisps and cookies.

The service is pretty brisk and since everything is right there, they bring a new meaning into fast food. You’re pretty much served and seated within minutes. They are an American company so they wrap the subs in recycled paper and then you carry it with you on a tray. It’s rather light and convenient.

The subs are to die for. They range from egg, chicken, turkey, herbs, beef, bacon and even tuna. They are accompanied with the veggies of your choice and whatever condiments please your hungry little soul.

Subway is a simple company with prices a touch on the higher side of reasonable. I’m thinking we pay for the name as well but the subs are well worth it. I’ve never had their cookies though. They are sold at 100/- each. So are the packets of urban bites crisps. I find them a bit too exorbitantly priced.

If you’ve been there and you didn’t like it, too bad. If you have not, give it a try, contact me and I will send you a cheat sheet on the best subs along with their accompaniments. However, if you’ve just been paid and there’s still some money left over from the drinking parties or orgies over the weekend, I dare you to toddle along to Subway. It will be the greatest sandwich

Meatball Marinara sub
Meatball Marinara sub

experience of your existence.

may not appear like this in real life

PS/ These are images gotten off the internet. The real subs look a lot less- artful… The most tantalizing juicy mess you could ever eat.


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