About Naipedestrian

Nairobi Pedestrian is a girl so disillusioned with real life, she had to take a spin on it and present it with witty strange thousand word articles such as the advantages of street food over gourmet cooking or fuelling the paranoia of scared city dwellers who believe every other Nairobian is after them.

She was often described as odd, is frequently characterized as weird and will forever be known as bizarre. Sometimes outrageous but most times, relatable, she has an elitist sense of humour which she uses to explore the more common Nairobi (mis)adventures and problems only she would ever face.

Funny to the point of eroding lungs (she wishes), Nairobi Pedestrian has put together this blog to chronicle these events as a broke ass b*tch hustler transforming to a successful motorist. (Dear God, make that come true).

She believes the most important thing in her house is her cat,

The Nairobi Pedestrian, with her owner.

Wi-Fi and a high school literature text book. She breaks every phone she has ever owned. She practices sarcasm in front of her mirror every day. Her jokes are recycled from Blackadder the 2nd through 4th because she hated the 1st. She wishes she was as funny as Tina Fey and believes Johnny Depp should have won an Oscar already. She doesn’t get trap music. She hopes one day that her shoes will be put in a museum and hopes that as you traverse her blog, you are also inspired to get shoes worthy of a museum.


This is Nairobi Pedestrian’s journey. Take a walk with her, if you dare.


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