Due to no demand whatsoever and fleeting curiosity, I have decided to share the entire adventure of my trip to Archives. The day started the way most days begin for any Nairobian who is running on fumes but is about to see the bailing and emergency loan service that is also known as Mummy. Slowly.... Continue Reading →


I am an odd woman. I am not saying that as some kind of cultivated eccentricity to hide the fact that I could be suffering from a severe lack of being interesting. No. I am really ridiculously odd. For instance, the country has run amok with Chiko Lawi’s misstep and the SGR launch. Twitter is... Continue Reading →


It’s no secret that I am languishing in the little-paying cesspool of entry level jobs. Well, that covers my melodramatic quota of the week. But as I have a suspicious affinity for junk food and fast food, contributing at least 80% of their income, then it is safe to deduce that I am rubbish at... Continue Reading →


Everybody wonders at least once, what would happen if they died. I would probably be concerned about who would get my extensive library. But the world would move on. And Wangui the Pedestrian would become a distant memory only uttered when an anecdote called for it. That’s why I am hoping that when the sun... Continue Reading →


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